Positively 4th Street in St. Paul


Just for Fun. We are sharing this story for that reason. Just for Fun. This is also why there is officially a Positively 4th Street in St. Paul. It proudly honors the state’s native son, Bob Dylan. 

Mike Veeck, his influence, and his love for Dylan’s music are three of the main reasons for the renaming of a city street. It is near CHS Field, the home of the St. Paul Saints.

Positively 4th Street is one of the many well-known classics by Bob Dylan, one of America’s greatest singer/songwriters. At Midway Stadium, the old home of the St. Paul Saints, Mike Veeck was over the moon happy in hosting his idol for multiple sold-out concerts. 

The shows were something of a homecoming for Robert Zimmerman. Him being born a few hours north in Duluth and growing up in Hibbing (when he wasn’t running far away from home).

The St. Paul Saints moving to CHS Field in 2015 has them bordering 4th Street East. Close enough, it still brings the memories from nearby Midway Stadium.

Adding Mike Veeck and City Council Member Dave Thune, is an equation where 2 + 2 equals Positively 4th Street in St. Paul.

Dave Thune and Mike Veeck pitching Positively 4th Street in St. Paul City Council meeting.

Wearing a Harley t-shirt to the hearing, you can tell Dave Thune isn’t one for taking himself too seriously. He sponsored the resolution for amending the street signs between CHS Field and Commercial Street. In doing so, Thune announced it was “just for Fun.” And it’s true.

Before allowing Mike Veeck to speak at the mic, Thune boldly asked the City Council to approve the resolution first. His reason, “Just in case Mike says something to offend us.” Now that’s funny.

No worries. Being both gracious and Fun, Mike spent a moment thanking the council and promising “not to come back and ask you to rename Prince Street…formerly known as something.” Prince was also a Minnesota favorite son.


Back to Bob Dylan. Whether or not you like the sound of his distinct singing voice, you would be fair in acknowledging he is a once in a lifetime musical talent.

And with his successful career spanning 7 decades, Minnesota owns more than enough grounds for bragging rights regarding Bob Dylan.

Despite it being released in 1965, Positively 4th Street in St. Paul reflects what is still a widely popular song. But in his unique voice Dylan isn’t protesting. Nor is it a love song. In fact, despite the song title, the lyrics are powerfully negative.

Let’s put it in baseball terms. You might say the song is about Bob Dylan feeling like he’s batting 0 for 2 on 4th streets. The song is reportedly based on unpleasant living and performing experiences.  These were both on 4th Streets in New York City’s Greenwich Village, and in “Dinkytown” on the University of Minnesota campus.

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