Saints Marvel Defenders of the Diamond Logo

You look “marvelous.” What else can you say about the St. Paul Saints new Marvel Defenders of the Diamond logo? The same can be said about you when you are out and about sporting the new look merchandise.  st-paul-saints-marvel-defenders-of-the-diamond-logo As you can see, the redesigned look still includes the classic “STP” logo. However, it is different. Here the letters “S” and “P” are separated. But still in the St. Paul Saints shades of navy and gold. The “T” is squeezing in perfectly between the top curve of the “S.” Corners of the “S” and “P” are pointing upwards to like a devil’s horns. With a halo above in between the letters. After all, you don’t call them the Saints for nothing.  

The St. Paul Saints will be taking the field wearing the new Marvel Defenders of the Diamond logo on their caps and uniforms during special 2023 promotional nights.  

Be sure to stay tuned to the Saints social media because information on those dates will be announced soon. But meantime, like a movie trailer, you can enjoy a good peek at it now.  During the 2022 season you may recall, the St. Paul Saints hosted two very popular Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond Nights to the delight of the home crowd. And overall, the team certainly did a good job defending the diamond in their 8th season at CHS Field. By winning a total of 44 games in front of the Twin Cities faithful, the Saints were 10th among ALL 120 minor league ballclubs in home field advantage. Your presence at the ballpark is indeed felt.

Fun Is Good with Minor League Baseball teaming up with Marvel Entertainment. 

This new Defenders of the Diamond logo is part of Minor League Baseball and Marvel Entertainment collaborating on a Fun and exciting three-year deal. It’s been tagged, “Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond.” The arrangement involving 96 different ballclubs crosses all four levels of baseball.   Each club has committed to hosting at least one Marvel theme night per season at their ballpark. The promotions offer Fun to kids of all ages. There are activities featuring popular Marvel Super-Hero character appearances, custom comic books, and entertaining Marvel-themed events throughout the games.  st-paul-saints-marvel-defenders-of-the-diamond-merchandise

Are you in the market for the new Saints logo on the Marvel Defender of the Diamonds Merchandise? 

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus and his trusty elf, Mike Veeck, are making sure the St. Paul Saints have the bases covered. You can buy this hot new Defenders of the Diamond logo or other merchandise as a great Christmas present for the Marvel and Saints Baseball fans in your life. It is already available at the Saints souvenir shop inside CHS Field. During the offseason, the store is open Monday-Friday from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. For more information, try calling 763-703-5219. And of course, there is always 24-hour shopping by visiting  

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