The 2023 NFL Draft 5 Classic Calls

Intentionally, this 2023 NFL Draft recap is different. And hold on a second. Just because you love baseball, doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy football. Anyway, we will allow everyone else to busily hand out grades. How teams fared in the 2023 NFL Draft is not our business. Nor is it in our playbook.

Because of this, we’re focusing only on Fun aspects. And there was plenty of it during the 2023 NFL Draft selection process. Some moments were simply too good not to share. So, let’s get right to it since is on the clock.

The 2023 NFL Draft – 5 Fun Classics.

They feature missed calls and a close call. And oh yeah, some urgent nature calls, too.

1. “From Paris with Love.”


We begin with the first newsworthy moment of the evening for the Fun Is Good gang. It comes courtesy of Paris Johnson, Jr., the outstanding young man from The Ohio State University.

Considered the top tackle in this year’s draft class, the world expected him to go early. And by golly did he ever. He was in fact selected early. Plus, Paris also “had to go” early.

If speaking French about Paris Johnson, Jr. being drafted, we’d say, “Oui Oui.” 

The Arizona Cardinals quickly traded the third overall pick. Soon after, the team acquired the 12th pick from the Houston Texans. But surprisingly, the team suddenly traded up for the 6th pick. The return of fuzzy math.

They called Paris Johnson, Jr. to give him the news. But he treated it like a call waiting situation. You see, Paris was taking a bathroom break. This caused him to miss his NFL Draft call. It is a milestone moment most players say they never forget. Hopefully, Paris Johnson, Jr. will again be the exception.

2. “Oh Ochaun.”

Two days later came the same thing with Ochaun Mathis. The edge rusher from TCU and Nebraska must have been flushed with both embarrassment and jubilation. He too was in the restroom.

This time the Los Angeles Rams came calling. Being selected in the sixth round as the 189th pick overall, we have to cut the guy some slack. Forget a 15-yard penalty, a fella’s holding call over two days is extreme.

3. “The Pits for a Pitt Panther.”

Let’s blame this 2023 NFL Draft instant classic on “operator error.

News Journal

In this case, we know what happened. Missing is the reason why. University of Pittsburgh safety Erick Hallett went to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 208th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Afterward, Jags’ general manager Trent Baalke was talking about it to the media. Somehow, the team couldn’t reach one player on the phone as they were drafting him.

Head coach Doug Pederson added the call “went straight to voicemail. Twice.”


4. Nearly Blowing Your Big Call.”

Getting a kick out of this one is easy. Michigan punter Brad Robbins wasn’t expecting a call during the 2023 NFL Draft. And for good reason.

Punters aren’t often drafted. They only get auditions like kicking the tires on a used car. More commonly, punters and kickers are invited to try out for teams as free agents.

So, when the phone rang as the 217th pick was selected, imagine Brad Robbins treating it like a “scam likely” message.

The caller identified himself as Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Zac Taylor. Meantime, his new punter thought he was being pranked.

Fortunately, his sarcasm quickly turned serious. It captures the magic of the moment. Some are calling this pick “The Steal of the Draft.” Meanwhile, we simply call you the video below the most Fun call of the 2023 NFL Draft.

5. “Visiting the Vrabels for the 2023 NFL Draft goes Viral.”

At home with Tennessee Head Coach Mike Vrabel was the internet titan of the 2023 NFL draft telecast.

A live camera was set up for giving fans an inside look at the team’s drafting process. Welcome one and all into the home of Mike Vrabel. There was a uniquely probing inside look all right. Amazingly, the head coach himself got lost in his own background.

Granted, it could have been worse. The 2023 NFL Draft didn’t feature an embarrassing disaster anything like the zoom call suffered by CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin. But this was… well, no one is quite sure exactly what it was going on at the Vrabel house.


Objectively, let us take a look at what we do know. As you can see, standing behind Mike Vrabel’s left shoulder was a young guy with a mustache and an even mightier mullet.

He is sporting a number 50 jersey like Mike Vrabel wore in his playing career with the New England Patriots. Behind the coach’s other shoulder was a brighter and shinier object. This dude was standing watch wearing an outfit like he was protecting Joan of Arc or perhaps someone from “Game of Thrones.”

But ultimately, visiting the Vrabels for the 2023 NFL Draft got even kookier.

Look closely on the left. It was the person sitting in the background who instantly became the bomb. Internet sleuths spotted a young man seemingly sitting ever so righteously on a real-life throne.

Suddenly, the spotlight was shining on him possibly doing his draft day “duty” in the Vrabel’s bathroom. Consequently, it had the whole purpose of the TV live shots going rapidly right down the toilet.

Finally, we will make the right call in closing.  Here is a big shout out of congratulations to all those selected in the 2023 NFL Draft! Best of luck. And remember, Fun Is Good.


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