Washington Nationals Ball Snatcher

Washington Nationals Ball Snatcher

It isn’t the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In a way this is worse, and definitely far less entertaining. Such is the tale of a Washington Nationals ball snatcher. Sadly, his victim is the 10-year-old girl above holding up the baseball glove.  This happened at a game recently. But it only getting recognition now.

Thank you, Rod Stewart, for the great song. Every Picture Tells a Story. This one about a Washington Nationals ball snatcher surely does.

Take a good look at the above picture. Right smack in the middle of it is all the proof you need.

Joey Meneses, right fielder for the Nationals is clearly tossing a baseball to Avery Hilliard.

Avery is obviously the young girl holding her baseball glove high. It is a target he can easily hit.

You can tell she is all ready for catching the toss coming her way. She is even holding her two hands on the glove.

Even Avery’s mother knows it is coming. Gina Hilliard is the one holding her phone camera waiting to capture the big moment. She was successful in capturing it all right. But the outcome was not what most everyone was expecting.

In attending Major League Baseball games, fans are expecting to see stealing bases, even teams trying to steal each other’s non-verbal signs. But in the video, we have embedded for you here, you’ll be stunned by an unusually different kind of stealing.

Keep your eye on the Washington Nationals ball snatcher coming from left to right.

Wow. Really? It takes a lot of balls for a grown man to blatantly take a baseball clearly intended for a young girl.

Everyone is asking the same questions. Why would you do such a thing? How can a grown man do that to a young girl? What is wrong with him?

Here is what we do know. Eyewitnesses said the Washington Nationals Ball Snatcher showed no signs of remorse. None. He made no effort to apologize or own his embarrassing lack of judgment.  Avery’s mom said, “One of the girls’ dads went over to talk to the guy and he said he bought his ticket to the game, and he had a right to (catch the ball).”

While he did have that right, it sure doesn’t make it right.

Now get this. Ironically, the game was celebrating Youth Champions Day at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. Avery Hilliard is a softball player in the Shenandoah Recreation League. In the Nationals honoring young players, hers was one of the teams recognized on the field prior to the game. Not a bad experience for the girls first trip going to see the Nationals playing in person.

The Avery Hilliard saga gets a happy ending.

Thankfully, the story turns positive all because of Avery’s mom taking to Twitter. Sharing the video and asking the Washington Nationals for a favor was all it took. “Can you get Joey Meneses to sign a baseball and send it to my daughter?”

The Nats are wrapping up a nasty season in the standings this year. But kudos to the team and Joey Meneses for hitting a home run in handling this situation.

Can you get Joey Meneses to sign a baseball and send it to my daughter?

Well played Joey and the Nationals. Well done. This had to be Fun doing this for Avery. Thanks for proving Fun Is Good.

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